Custom Casing 101

People we work with love our products. Now, it's probably because the success of our final products helps protect the vital equipment our clients use on a regular basis. Love often breeds curiosity and when those same people ask about the process that goes into our design and manufacturing, we try and indulge those curiosities whenever possible.

With that in mind, we are going to try and add to your custom casing knowledge on a more regular basis by sharing some of our language with you. Or at least, the words and acronyms you've heard before but have always wondered what they mean to the outcome of any project we work on.

Who knows? If we translate properly, maybe you'll then speak about custom protection to your associates, friends and family – and do it by sounding just like an engineer or designer!

National Case wouldn't be able to provide specialized solutions without CNC technology. Computer Numeric Control (CNC) refers to an automated design technique that converts a Computer Aided Design (CAD) into numbers for specific cutting and shaping of materials. For anyone who has visited our website and perused our many capabilities, CNC precedes many of our metal fabrication processes.

What does CNC mean for you?

CNC aids in the specificity of our product development. If you need a custom case for example, the set of sequences in your design can be cut to your exact needs and product specifications using CNC. This is especially important when ordering in large quantities as CNC processes ensure all modifications are exact with every case. These processes include:

  • Punching
  • Lasering
  • Forming
  • Shearing
  • Machining
  • Routering

CNC ensures that your products are specifically protected based on their dimensions and needs. We work with our clients to outline the specs and protection needs of their product or equipment. Once it meets the CNC process, each and every movement is controlled by digital data. This automates the complete manufacturing process, ensuring that we give you a case (or cases) that meets your exact needs. These processes, coupled with the materials we use, allows us to provide the best protection to our clients – a promise we've delivered on for over 17 years.

Have any more questions about what we do? We'd love to hear them!

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